Gold broker reviews will help you trade gold on Golden FX

Trading with the use of precious metals has a number of features. In the presence of an attractive trading idea, trading gold on the Golden FX is an excellent tool for earning. But not all brokers provide the opportunity to conduct trading with the XAU/USD pair.

Looking through gold broker reviews, you’ll be able to choose the best company that supports a full-fledged trade of precious gold. They also provide their users with the opportunity to trade other valuable metals on the exchange.

gold broker reviews Golden-FX

How does a gold broker work?

In order to better understand gold broker meaning, remember that gold trading on Forex practically does not differ from trading currency pairs. However, there are also many specific features. In turn, if you plan trading gold, then you will get the opportunity to diversify your arsenal of tools for work. Among them, there are relatively high spreads and low leverage, which brokers establish. Moreover, by analyzing the trading gold on Forex and the change in the charts for the XAUUSD pair, you can find a lot of important market trends. They will help you understand how to trade in the foreign exchange market and claim broker gold.

Brokers that have gold trading

Looking through the list of best gold brokers will help you make gold trading an attractive tool for really serious earnings. As it was already mentioned, there are no technical differences between trading precious metals and currency pairs on the stock exchange. In most cases, forex trading of gold is more reliable and safer because it is much easier to predict changes in prices for precious metals and understand how to trade them even for a novice trader.

Trading gold on Golden FX – what is gold broker?

To trade gold on the Forex exchange, it is not at all necessary to have gold physically. Gold trading using CFD-contracts is based on the creation of a temporary order for the purchase or sale of a certain amount of metal. Change in the price of gold during the contract period determines the profitability or loss of the transaction for the trader.

Are you wondering “Which broker can I trade gold currencies with?” You can trade gold, silver, and other precious metals online with Golden FX and discover the benefits of trading with one of the leading adjustable brokers.

  • Trade gold and silver with a favorable spread
  • Conclude large transactions with a leverage of up to 400: 1
  • Low gold broker commission rates
  • Trade with the help of the powerful MetaTrader 5 platform
  • Trade real time regardless of the situation on the market – on long and short positions
  • Customer support 24 hours a day, 5 days a week

If you’re looking for the best real gold broker, start trading in a dynamic precious metal market with Golden FX and get a generous introductory bonus.

History of gold trading

Gold is one of the first metals that man has mastered on Earth. Its mining began in the prehistoric period when people’s attention was attracted by small nuggets that occur at the bottom of rivers. Gradually, the demand for gold increased, and in the 2,000 century BC, the Egyptians deliberately engaged in the extraction of this metal. For centuries, people have used gold as a reliable and universal means of payment.

The monetary system using cash in the period of the gold standard was backed up by the country’s gold reserves. In Britain, the gold standard was abolished after the outbreak of the First World War. During the twentieth century, the example of Great Britain was followed by most other countries.

How to trade gold on Golden FX

In order to trade on the Golden FX gold broker, do the following:

  • Open an account with Golden FX
  • Fund your trading account
  • Select the desired position size
  • Choose a leverage
  • Open the buy or sell position according to your analysis

Today, traders and investors can use various financial instruments based on gold.

Different forms of trading gold are available to traders and investors:

  • Physical metal (ingots or coins) – an alloy or a solid ingot of metal. Usually, used in the form of standard bars, grouped by weight.
  • Gold certificate – this financial instrument is similar to the first paper money. Certificates serve as proof that their holder has a certain amount of gold. These certificates were treated as cash, and are currently being issued by individual banks, confirming the owner’s right to gold bullion or coins.
  • Future contracts on gold is an obligation to sell or buy a certain amount of gold in the future at a predetermined price. Investors use futures for risk management. Futures trading is carried out on centralized exchanges, and, in comparison with commodities, they are a more flexible trading tool.
  • Gold ETF-fund – this tool is based on the idea that gold can still bring a significant profit. ETF-fund are managed by traders and, therefore, it is considered a potentially more profitable financial instrument. Remember that the price of gold affects its value.

Information for trade with the gold trading broker:

  • MT5 character – GOLD
  • Exchange – New York Mercantile Exchange (NYMEX)
  • Trading time – 23:00–21:59
  • Margin is 0.50
  • Step is 0.01
  • Minimal sales position is 1 ounce
  • Spread is $0.50

Gold trading with Golden FX

Register on the low spread gold broker, fung your account for at least $250, and start trading gold and other metals today. Not only you will receive a generous bonus on your first deposit of up to 100%, depending on your initial deposit, but also access to a number of benefits available only for customers of the best forex broker for trading gold.

Golden FX offers a number of intuitive, customizable, and interactive brokers gold trading platforms, including automatic trading platforms, so you can choose the trading environment for yourself. Trading in gold and other goods while making deals in Forex can be done in one window. Sell and buy in online chats, set stops and limits to protect your own funds.

Golden FX also provides a great customer support when markets are open to trading.

The exchange rate of gold to the US dollar (XAU/USD)

Online, you can find a graph of gold in the spot Forex market, through which you have the opportunity to monitor the dynamics of the exchange rate of gold to the US dollar.

Trading other metals

The Golden FX forex and gold broker offers a wide range of other metals for trade:

  • Silver
  • Platinum
  • Palladium
  • Copper

These markets are less liquid and therefore less volatile than the gold market, so the periods of operations on them are much shorter. However, they are more stable than the gold market. They are often used as an alternative when the situation in the markets is changeable.

Trading gold

Gold broker definition is closely linked to the trading currency and financial markets in general.

When analyzing the change in the price of gold, several factors should be considered:

  • Supply – changes with a decline in production, political instability, and the discovery of new layers.
  • Demand – it is mainly created by a jewelry industry and purchases for technical use.
  • Market volatility – gold is always used as a safe harbor for investments when the situation in the markets is unpredictable.
  • Market conditions – political instability leads to global financial instability, which contributes to the growth of gold prices.
  • The exchange rate – a dollar exchange rate has a huge impact on the financial market. With its fall, prices for goods and services are growing all over the world. The price of gold is linked to the dollar exchange rate in reverse.

In general, if you are looking for an alternative way of investing or hedging that reduces the risk of future asset movements, investing in gold and using the forex broker with oil and gold trading can be just what you need. But do not forget that investments in gold, like any other, involve certain risks.

Some useful tips

From the point of view of trading on the exchange, gold is similar to the yen – both assets are considered as safe trading tools and the dynamics of their value, as a rule, is identical.

Please note that in the course of trading, commodity prices may vary over a wider range than the price of the currency.

Forex brokers with lowest spreads on gold often use the ratio of the value of gold (XAU) to the US dollar (USD). XAU is a standard trading code for gold.

Now you know which broker sells gold and can be sure that as a Golden FX customer, you will receive regular updates on the market situation and current news, as well as an analysis of the latest developments in the market of precious metals.


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