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Try online bitcoin trading with Golden FX

Bitcoin was initially created as a peer-to-peer solution for online payments, which doesn’t need a trusted central authority. Well, since its advent in 2008, it has successfully evolved into a mind-blowing technology, an attractive currency and simultaneously a mighty investment asset with a constantly growing community of faithful enthusiasts.

Bitcoin Trading with Golden FX

Bitcoin Trading with Golden FX

In this particular review, we will explain in detail the very essence of Bitcoin, how it can be utilized to change your life for the better and in particular how to trade bitcoins online.

Since any digital stuff can be copied, the number one intricacy of implementing a digital payment system is to ensure that no one spends the same amount more than once. As a rule, it is carried out by simply having a trusted central authority verifying all of the user operations. The major innovation that makes this crypto asset special is that a sort of consensus is employed in its peer-to-peer network for verifying transactions. As a result, payments are not reversible in the system, and accounts can not be frozen, while transaction fees are quite friendly.

Online bitcoin trading

The very existence of this crypto asset is undoubtedly a positive thing because you can buy and sell bitcoins to earn a living. Regardless of price movements in the crypto market, you can always make the most of it by taking your profit. Bitcoin online trading is a reality today, and you still have time to catch up with it.

In fact, there are two key types of traders in the crypto market. These are short-term investors and long-term ones. They’re characterized by how long they are willing to hold onto a trading position.

Long-term investors normally explore price trends over relatively long periods of time. They are overwhelmed with a strong desire to purchase and hold their digital coins for a long time hoping to take a huge gain at a price much higher than the original entry point. Considering that Bitcoin is still actively developing, many crypto enthusiasts are assured that it is a high time to purchase this asset.

The given suggestion is built around the assumption that with the increasing use of this digital coin, bitcoin and the blockchain technology, in general, will be in great demand, maximally boosting the value of this promising crypto asset.

As for short-term investors, they attentively analyze the intraday behavior of the asset and do their best to derive the maximum benefit from all the fluctuations in its value. These investors demonstrate the unbelievable performance in the most volatile conditions in the market. However, for conservative traders Bitcoin’s extremely high volatility is a reason to be too cautious and even restrained. Ordinary traders are simply afraid of highly volatile assets and try to stay away from them, but it is not about short-term investors.

In its early stages, Bitcoin’s wild swings in the market were mainly caused by breaking news having to do with the crypto industry. As adoption evolves and the asset becomes more stable, it demonstrates less impressive volatility. Therefore, some experts are assured that compared to earlier crazy swings the current moment is an ideal time to resume trading Bitcoin. If you’re geared up to making the most from Bitcoin trading, Golden FX can offer you a striking opportunity to drastically enrich your income in comfortable home conditions.

Recommended trading rules

Your Bitcoin trading can be very profitable if you adhere to a set of simple rules illustrated below. To successfully work with this extremely risky financial instrument you need to do the following:

  • • Stay focused, professional, and unemotional, as you shouldn’t miss your chance to cash in, and it can show up at any moment.
  • • Losing is as normal in trading as taking profits. It is impossible never to lose, but you should work persistently on increasing your gains. It is a cumulative effect, which extends as your experience grows.
  • • Make the most of cutting-edge solutions to maximize your revenue.
  • • The market appears to be a continuous process. It requires a great deal of dedication, concentration, time, and effort. Therefore, it is vital to conduct deep research on a regular basis to be aware of current trends.
  • • Avoid putting all the eggs of yours in one basket. You’d better split your capital into smaller parts for multiple trading positions, which should be opened at different price levels.
  • • You shouldn’t invest money, which can change your life radically if you lose in the market. That’s the most crucial rule considering the extremely high level of uncertainty of Bitcoin trading.

Great advantages of trading Bitcoin with a Forex broker

With the constantly developing crypto market, everybody is trying to derive maximum benefits from wild ups and downs in the value of various digital currencies. Currently, there are several ways to earn buying or selling Bitcoin.

Perhaps, the easiest solution here is to purchase the desired crypto asset and store it in your crypto wallet until you find its prices suitable enough for sale. Other traders opt for crypto exchanges where they can try scalping. However, if you are well acquainted with Forex, you don’t need crypto exchanges and anything else, as you can trade Bitcoin profitably with a Forex broker, such as Golden FX that provides a fantastic opportunity to change your life for the better by using your home computer for profitable investments.

If you are eager to drastically simplify Bitcoin trading for yourself, you can try making money with CFDs. It’s a great option provided by Golden FX. Unlike trading on a crypto exchange platform, you don’t need to physically have digital coins in your crypto wallet to conduct transactions. Golden FX enables you to utilize CFD as flexible derivatives, which can be traded even with an empty crypto wallet.

Golden FX is one of the top-notch Forex brokers providing crypto CFDs. The company’s approach to the matter seems to be far more reasonable than anything offered by numerous crypto exchanges. Now let’s consider the indisputable advantages of trading Bitcoin with this reputable broker.


The main problem with crypto exchanges is that while they offer many options, they’re unstable in many regards. To make things worse, they’re extremely vulnerable to scams. So, there’s a high risk to end up losing all of your money in this case. Of course, there are several reputable crypto exchange services, but no one can guarantee that you will never lose due to the use of an ill-suited trading robot offered by them, for example.

Forex brokers are more reliable in this regard, as most of them are strictly regulated. Trading Bitcoin with Golden FX is absolutely safe. You’re bound to become their returning customer.


In this case, all the costs having to do with Bitcoin trading are already included in the broker’s spread. Depending on the asset volatility, the spread can vary from 10 to 14. Crypto exchanges can offer more attractive tighter spreads, but this benefit will be neutralized by a high commission they charge on volume. You won’t face extreme fees when working with Golden FX.


Leverage can give you an unbelievable deal of flexibility. In this regard, Forex brokers leave crypto exchanges behind. As a rule, crypto exchanges don’t provide leverage greater than 1:3. What’s more, the digital asset borrowed this way should be provided by other users subject to real risks.

Golden FX enables you to use at least 1:20 leverage to trade Bitcoin. However, if it’s not enough you’re free to extend it to up to 1:100. By the way, crypto exchanges don’t allow to increase leverage for free, while with Forex brokers it won’t cost you a penny.

Coin variety

Perhaps, it’s the only case where crypto exchanges easily beat any Forex broker. Yes, if you choose a Forex broker your choice of digital coins will be relatively limited compared to crypto exchanges. Nevertheless, it’s compensated by other advantages mentioned above. With Golden FX, you can trade Bitcoin, Dash, Ethereum, and Litecoin and earn a decent income, while enjoying better leverage options, enhanced security, and reliability.


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